Unplanned Hiatus

I have been very bad at keeping promises this year.  I constantly promise and promise that I will be back to normal blogging gear for the past months but have been breaking my promises ever since.  It has been a very rough months this past few months.  I just quit my work, my work that I was in for more than three years already to pursue my dreams, something which I think was pretty vocal already on this blog.  More so, lately I do not have the urge to blog about reviews.  I just want to bitch about things, it may become annoying to my little audience/readers, but that was what was going in my head for months, which fully incapacitated me to write reviews or even finish my decade long canon. 

And now I am blogging once again.  I plan to change the blog up a bit.  Make it more personal.  Also, to make it more Filipino, which I am very proud to be.  But then if I write things in Filipino, some readers may fail to understand what the hell I am saying.  So I am sticking with English language but more Filipino in taste. 

Quite recently, I have been very busy making my own short films and getting them seen.  I will be blogging about those, since that is what made me really busy for the past few months.  It was hard, making the films.  But it is even harder getting your works across to be seen by people.  But never the hardships, film makes me happy.  Making films, watching films or whatever.  Film for me is equal to happiness.  And just being around it, day in day out, makes my day.  Film is my passion and I do not wish to not do it or at least partake in it.  I enjoy writing about films.  Even though I am not much of a writer.  I enjoy watching films and could not survive a day without watching one, or survive a week without buying a DVD/VCD for my collection.  But what I LOVE the most is making my own films.  Be it something that people would hate or love, I really don't care.  Every work I do, I love, and it makes me really happy.  So I guess, even if film people here in the Philippines hate me, I will still be around, haunting.. hehe. 

Anyway.  Here is my very recent work.

It is my longest short film to date and it is also the most talky.  It was shot using a relatively old Sony hdd Camera.  It was shot in Sta. Ana Manila, where the mother of the baby in the film (who played the vendor) lives.

Some directors have their muses or their favorite actors to work with mine has got to be working with my colleague Irene Dare.  She is very natural at what she does and I never have a hard time working with her.  And you guys will be seeing more of her in my works to come.

Well, that's all for now.  I will not make any promises this time.  But I sure do hope to blog more soon.

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